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Facts About Our Mineral Resource


Community Engagement

OurMineralResource promotes civic discourse on corporate mining practices and their respective social impact. Through the web portal, community dwellers are empowered to share relevant concerns, to ensure timely stakeholder interventions.


Data Aggregation

The platform simplifies data collection, real-time analysis, and reporting by community-appointed mine watchers. This ensures cost efficiency and time savings, by minimizing manual involvement in the data aggregation process


Platform Scalability

The platform is designed for the Ghanaian context but flexible to accommodate regional scale. This consideration ensures ease of long-term expansion and sustainability, by appropriate stakeholders of the OurMineralResource initiative.

How It Works

1. Data Aggregation and Analysis

Designated mine watchers submit timely and relevant information on identified mining irregularities. The data is captured as image files with commentaries, and submitted from dedicated mobile devices. The submissions are made available to key stakeholders for further review and analysis.

2. Issue Verification

Issues submitted are reviewed by administrators, and approved for public consumption when thoroughly verified. Verification includes site inspections and/or follow-up discussions with the respective mine watchers.

3. Forum Postings

Verified issues are posted to the open forum to be widely accessed by the public. This seeks to inform and inspire open dialogues, to drive timely intervention by key decision makers!

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